June 25, 2021



PW 24/7 originally started couple decades ago, OWW Radio. Nick Anthony started the show as a Forum Program to allow members to verbalize their opinions to better express themselves if writing wasn’t their thing. OWW Radio gained so much attention not only from the members of the Forum but outside wrestling fans as well. A few years later, OWW Radio would be moved to Online World Of Wrestling. A mega wrestling site with a membership and recognition that would escalate OWW Radio to new highs. With our new platform we would be introduced to Mainstream and Indy Wrestlers. The show would interview the most Legendary Wrestlers from the Golden Era to the Attitude Era. Invitations to the CAC annul event in Las Vegas as one of the only media outlets with permission to this prestige’s event. Wrestling shows and press conferences, OWW Radio covered them all. As well as remaining a Forum opinion based show for it’s members.

Nick Anthony a radio broadcaster out of Los Angeles California enlisted the help of many individuals to mold and build OWW Radio; Daniel Wade, Ite Lemalu, Aaron Kendrick and Cory Morrow would be joined by Daniel Corriea, Scott NDX, and Harry “The Boobs” just to name a few. With their help we again would see a bigger outlet and a better way to distribute the show and provide other shows as well, all under one platform. PW 24/7 Radio was born. PW 24/7 Radio was a 24/7 radio stream ran just like your local radio station on your radio dial. With Station ID’s, news every hour and several shows throughout the day. Like, Diamond Dallas Page, Fire and Ice, Matt Bourne, This Very Ring, Why We Cheer, Gorilla Blood, MMA Crossfire, to name a few. All produced and ran live from a Los Angeles studio. PW 24/7 Radio was one of the first all wrestling talk radio outlets online or terrestrial radio platforms.

After a few years running PW 24/7 Radio, Sirius XM was formed and we envisioned moving PW 24/7 there. A dream we still hold to this day. To better focus on that dream we decided to disband PW 24/7 Radio as a station and focus on PW 24/7 the show. PW 24/7 would morph into NBC Sports Radio’s Pro Wrestling 24/7. Nick Anthony and Harry “The Boobs” would carry the mantle as the shows continued host. Interviewing past and current Wrestling personalities. Attending wrestling shows and press conferences.

PW 24/7 doesn’t focus on breaking news stories or “fantasy” booking. We are Professional Wrestling talk and opinion, featuring industry insiders and Professional Wrestling athletes from around the world. Many have tried to take on the name PW 24/7 but don’t be fooled. We are the Original Pro Wrestling 24/7, the Original PW 24/7. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @thepw247. Join our Facebook Group or call us live on Sundays 8pm est 5 pst @310-876-8064.